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The Lever harp Vs. The Pedal Harp

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  The difference between these harps is how the strings are able to change keys to flats and sharps. The Lever harp is only able to change sharps by switching mechanisms with the harpists hands. While the Pedal harp is able to achieve flats and sharp by the harpists feet. The Pedal harp is much more effiencient than the Lever harp and is able to play a larger repertoire as well.    
  The Pedal Harp, like the one shown at right, is predominately played in Orchestra's because of the wide range of notes it can cover quickly.    
  The Lever harp can also be used in a Orchestra, however, the music it can play is highly restricted. The Lever harp is predominately a beginner harp. The harp shown at right is one of the larger lever harps, they can be much smaller as shown below right.    
  This lever harp is one of the smallest of its kind. Because of the lack of strings it is relatively limited in its repertoire, and is therefore one of the most beginning harps you can find.    

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