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Reflective thoughts..


Molly McCaffrey Web design 1A


Throughout this assignment I feel like I learned how to create a working web site very well, and enjoyed creating it. Before this class I wasn't as interested in web design and web site development, as much as I am now. I found that learning how to create your own web sites was very interesting and this project showed me this.

I'm very happy with my finished project and am also happy to have learned how all the web sites found on the internet are created. The atmosphere in this class seems very calm and unrushed and it made this project very unstressful and relaxing almost. I think that this project is very rewarding because you get to see the finished product and you also get to see how it looks on the internet.

I think that overall, I found this project to be a project worth working on and spending some time on. It really helped me better understand how web sites work, and how in the future I could make and publish my own web site. I'm very excited with how my web site turned out, and don't believe there is much more that I could do to the web site to make it better. I'm very happy that I had the chance to take this class and am now more excited about computers.


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