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When first assigned this project, I had no idea what my topic was going to be. Making a virtual zoo was kind of a joke at first, something I didn't think I was actually going to stick with and see through to the end. To all those in coming years who will be assigned to make a webpage: Do not make a virtual zoo if you're looking for an easy project. There's so much work involved with collecting data, organizing, making individual pages for each animal, linking them all together, decorating, and the general layout of the website that makes a seemingly easy project way more complicated than I ever thought it would be. It is, however, a rather rewarding experience. See, I now have this massive website full of useful tidbits of information for my own personal use, and the use of anyone else willing to search the Narragansett High School webpage on the offchance that there might be useful zoology information on it. I also feel much more comfortable working with the basic commands of Dreamweaver, though a less information-intensive project might have been more appropriate for learning some of the more complicated features of this program. Overall, I feel like I learned a lot and my Zoo is actually better than I'd thought it would be.