Box Turtle
  • Have a dome-shaped shell that is hinged at the bottom, allowing the animal to close its shell tightly to escape predators
  • Found in the eastern half of the United States , as well as Mexico
  • Eating habits vary due to individual taste, temperature, lighting, and their surrounding environment
  • If there is no food present or weather conditions are unfavorable, they can lessen their activity level, retreat into their shells, and halt their foot intake until better conditions arise
  • Feed on a variety of animal and vegetable matter
  • Often eat earthworms, snails, grubs, beetles, caterpillars, grasses, fallen fruit, berries, mushrooms, flowers, and carrion
  • Have been observed to feed on live birds trapped in netting
  • Will eat something if it looks or smells like food, even if it is harmful or unhealthy
  • Have consumed poisonous fungi, making their flesh inedible