Along The Coast


As you travel farther down the coast of the light house you will come to even more great surf spots. First you will come to a place called pilgrim.

Pilgrim is known for is amazing right cuts. Its an all around fun wave to ride because when it gets big it won't kill you and you can have fun when its small also.

Just past Pilgrim you will come to an area called Conant. This is a long boarder break. The wave will give you a nice long slow ride, which is fun but not if your looking to rip apart a wave.

And then if you follow the coast for about another mile and a half you will come to Scarborough Beach. This is a fun spot to surf if you get there at the right time. The only thing that I don't like about this is that its a beach break, other than that the wave is great. One more thing, it breaks real good in the winter!