The Light House

The light house of Point judith is a well known surf spot. Its known for its fast and hard pounding waves. The light house is a surf spot that requires some skill to surf. There are many dangerous rocks that stick out of the water at low tide which could damage your board severely.

It has a few different breaks for different levels of skill. The most common break is right out in front of the parking lot. This break is most commonly surfed and the skill level for this break is the easiest out of all three. The next break is right out the point of the actual light house. This break is the hardest to surf and when it gets big it hits hard. You have to know what you're doing to surf this break. Then you have the south of the light house break aka "South Side." This is a great break to ride and does no take that much skill to ride. Its a good spot for when it gets big because the wave are always smaller and easier for less skilled surfers.

Personally my favorite break is east of the point. I grew up surfing these waves and I've been doing it for about eight years now.



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