What i learned about this project is not that it was hard but that it was interesting because you think that it's going to be hard and boring but in the end when it's time for you to look up information that you like or something that interest you then i think it's fun and easy. The reason why i liked this project so much is because i never thought that i would be able to do this but i just thought to myself that i can do it. I thought that because it was just a different exsperement for me becasue im not good with computers and i maid a website. The only thing i thought that might of been hard is really just hyperlinking all the work to the page and looking up all the information. But other than that i think it was a good exsperance for me since i don't know that much about computers. But im starting to really get to know how to do alot of things that involve using many of these programs that i have learned in this class because i am getting really interested in computers and how technology is today.





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