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My Opinion

I was not sure what to think of Extreme Ironing at first. It seemed just a little too...odd to be true. After seeing some pictures though, and reading a little info on the sport, I realized that it was actually real. It seems like because it is such a random sport people actually do it. Its also a great way to set a world record seeing as how there isnt much competition. It has even recieved recognition in the news such as BBC news, and several videos are available on Youtube.

The fact that extreme ironing is not very known about made this site slightly difficult to make. There were very few sites from which to gather information, and many of them just repeated what other sites already had. The Extreme Ironing Bureau was extremely helpful however. This was my main source for both pictures and information, and my site reflects that. Next time if i were to make a site i might pick an easier topic, becuase extreme ironing information was very scarce.

The hardest part of the site to make was the history. There are not many facts on Extreme Ironing which makes it hard to have a purely informational page about it. Luckily, it is a very odd and interesting "sport" which makes it entertaining to just look at the pictures and learn of the records. Also, because people probably don't know much of anything about extreme ironing, or even of its existense, they will not know the information on my site, making it more informative.

This project has helped me learn alot. In addition to teaching me more techniques it also reinforced old ones. Things that may have taken me several minutes at the beginning of the project such as inserting a picture, now only take a few seconds. At the beginning of the year I knew absolutely nothing about making a website. Now I have been able to make a basic functioning website. While the HTML code stuff was a little slow and boring, this project was fun and made the time seem to go by fast.

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