MAC cosmetics were created when a man named Frank Toskan was using his high school chemistry book. He was at one point in time a hair stylist, make-up artist, and photographer in Canada but after seeing all of the make-up that he was using, he decided that they weren’t good enough and knew that he could make his own. His brother-in-law was a chemist so they worked together blending colors until they had what they wanted. Frank then contacted Frank Angelo, an Entrepreneur and owner of a chain of hair salons. Their goal was to create a line of makeup that could be used in fashion shoots and wouldn’t be lost by the light. They also wanted to have cosmetics available for all races, all ages, and all sexes. They needed to mortgage everything before they could get their business going and for about a year they were turned down by the banks that they went to. In 1985 they were successfully able to start their business.

MAC cosmetics created a line called Viva La Glam, which consists of lip sticks and two lip glosses. 100% of the money made from those products is donated to help men, women, and children with Aids. Over the past 13 years, this foundation has raised about 80 million dollars.




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