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Australian Gold: Love Monkey


8.5 oz

Next Level of Darkening Power with BodyBlush™ Blend and Hemp. Get the blushed glow followed by deep color that lasts long. Hemp seed extract for deep-hydration and anti-aging blend for younger-toned skin.

Emerald Bay: Dark 'n Dazed


9 oz.

Hemp seeds, amino acids and vital nutrients leave skin moisurized for best tanning results. Blended with aloe butter to enhance and preserve color.

Swedish Beauty: Priceless


8.5 oz.

A great blend of bronzing agents. Natural bronzing exratcs give you a healthy look and feel. A new silicone based formula means your tan is simply priceless.

California Tan Dark Sexy Tan


5.1 oz.

Enriched with advanced tissue respiratory factors, purified copper and essential fatty acids to intensify the tanning process by nurturing the skin’s vital moisture balance for a deep, dark tan.

With their seductive fragrances and sensuous appeal, these exotic oils have long been used to ignite a feeling of sexy confidence as they soothe and moisturize skin, leaving it irresistible to touch.

OC Out Of Control


8 oz.

Tingle Factor 40+ 3 Out of Control Tingle Agents, including the highest level of Benzyl Nicotinate, Increase your micro-circulation for the Darkest Tan Results. 4x Bronzer Depth of color is enhanced with DHA, Walnut Extract, Erythrulose, and Control Release Agents.


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