Benefits to Indoor Tanning




When tanning at an indoor salon, your skin produces a tan the same way it would if you were outside in the sun-- by absorbing the ultraviolet rays.


  • The ability to control the amount of ultraviolet exposure you get at a time. This helps eliminate the chance of sunburn or over exposure to UV rays that cause cancer.
  • Tanning beds are closely regulated by the government. This helps by guarenteeing a healthier, safer tanning experience.
  • At professtional salons, trained employees personally determine the length of the tanning session for clients. This decreases the chances of skin damage that is common with outdoor tanning.
  • Convenience. Depending on the weather conditions outside, indoor tanning is always available.
  • Great for those suffering from certain diseases. The UV rays help produce Vitamin D in the body for those suffereing from diseases such as psoriasis or osteoporosis.


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