History of Indoor Tanning

Like many technologies that we have today, the equipment used for indoor tanning was first developed for medical research. Made in Germany, the first UV tanning lamp was developed by a medical company named Heraeus in 1906. Heraeus invented the UV lamp to help patients with diseases like ricketts develop more calcium and stronger bones. This idea is now backed up by modern day research that shows the value of the sun's ability of creating vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium.

In the 1970's, German scientist Friedrich Wolff decided to use artificially produced indoor tanning UV light to study athletes and how they might benefit from more exposure to sunlight. During the study, Wolff noticed a side effect -- a golden glow to the athlete's skin. With the new fashion craze of being tan. Wolff used the UV lights to create the first indoor tanning beds and a new industy was created.




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