A web page can be defined as a single, usually hypertext document on the World Wide Web that can incorporate text, graphics, sounds, etc. ( We were assigned to design a web page about a topic of our choice. The topic that I chose was indoor tanning. I chose this because it is an activity that I take part in and am interested in. Tanning has such a negative connotation, so I wanted to design a web page that highlighted the positive points and that made tanning seem fun and beneficial. There are many web pages out there that are full of reasons that tanning is bad for people, but nobody talks about the good things tanning can provide a person with.

To start this assignment there is an entire process that needs to be done. First to choose the topic of your web page, you must think of something that interests you because in order to be successful the web page must be about something you enjoy talking about. Next, you need to research the topic and its background to be sure that the information that you are putting on the web page is accurate. Then, you have to organize the information in a way that is easy to understand and easy to navigate. The links need to be clear so that the user can know which link they want to click on in order to find the information they are looking for. By then adding interesting pictures, the user will enjoy using the web page.

I really enjoyed this assignment a lot because it was an assignment that we could be free to do what we wanted. There was a rubric, but it was not very strict. I got to choose my topic and how I wanted to present it. By allowing us this freedom, we were able to really get into the work and we were able to enjoy even the research process.




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