Blue Fish
Blue fish get very little admiration from the surf community. They are often viewed as pests who easily destroy live eels and carefully rigged soft plastics intended for stripers. However, in recent years the blue fish has garnered some possitve reactions for their fighting abilty and verocious feeding frenzies known as "blitzes".
Blue fish are not picky when it comes to lures. A good bluefish lure often meets two standards: cheap and tough. This is due to that the lure will most often be lost and needs to with stand the teeth of a large blue. For this reason a wire leader is mandatory. In addition to the lures shown here, most striped bass lures will be taken bly blue fish as well.
Popping plugs are the go to lure for many fisherman when faced with a school of feeding blues. These lure splash at the surface mimicking a wounded baitfish. Both the sound and sight of this lure drives bluefish crazy.
Metal slab lures or "tins" are another excellent choice for catching blue fish. These lure flutter and flash on the retrieve, two things nor self respecting blue can resist.