This project was enjoyable overall. I’ve only created a website once before and that was with another program other than Dreamweaver. I found Dreamweaver simpler to use than the other program, which was Microsoft Web Wizard, or something like that. The second feature that I liked was that it did not require me to write the program through HTML. It instead had a design mode in which creating a web site was idiot proof. The only feature that was kind of cumbersome was inserting pictures. If the picture was not resized before being put in the program problems almost always resulted. Another reason why I liked this project was that we got to choose our own topic. I choose fishing as it is something I know well. Secondly I had plenty of pictures on the subject as well. Due to that almost everything came from my own background knowledge I did not need an extensive work cited. Also we had plenty of time to complete this project. One might say we had enough time to not do anything for weeks on end with nothing to do but play on line games and look at e-bay auctions with out consequences. But that didn’t happen. In conclusion this project was thorough and well thought out and tought me how to use Dreamweaver.

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