aka Bonito and False Albacore

False Albacore and bonito are unusual visitors in the surf. This is due to that they are the only member of the tuna family to do so. These fish are more physically geared for palegic activity with their streamlined, built for speed features. You won't find these fish in the true surf. That is to say you won't find them in the crashing white whater you'd find stripers and blues. You will be more likely to encounter this fish in the calm clear waters in inlets and jetties. There in lays the key, clear water. If the water is murky or heavily weedy, odds are these fish won't be there.
Both false albacore and bonito are fond of elongated silvery bait fish such as silversides, sand eels, and bay anchovies. They will also feed on small menhaden if they are available. So when choosing an offering small and shiny are the key. The one ounce Deadly Dick in staight silver is the best lure for these fish bar none. Small kastmaster also work well when these fish arer feeding on peanut bunker. In recent years the Yo-Zuri Metallic Sardine has become a popular due to its highly reflective paint scheme.