RQ-11 Raven


Wings: 4 ft 3 in

Weight: 4.2 lb

Length: 3 ft 7 in

Speed: 60 mph

Maximum Distance: 6.2 miles

Purpose: Visual surveillance




Produced by: Aerovironment

MQ-1 Predator


Wings: 41 ft 8 in

Weight: 2,250 lb

Length: 26 ft 8 in

Speed: 80 mph

Maximum Distance: 450 miles

Air time: 24 hours

Purpose: Long range reconnaissance aircraft, can be equiped to carry 2 missiles.






Produced by: General Atomics

RQ-2 Pioneer


Wings: 17 ft

Weight: 452 lbs

Length: 14 ft

Speed: 124 mph

Maximum Distance 100 miles

Air time: 5 hours

Purpose: Used aboard ships for reconnaissance and surveillance of other military battleships.



Produced by: AAI Corp

MQ-8 Fire Scout


Rotor Length: 27 ft 6 in

Weight 3,150 lb

Length 22 ft 10 in

Speed 140 mph

Maximum Distance 6.2 miles

Air Time: 8 hours

Purpose: Used by Navy and Marine Corp for reconnaissance,and targeting assistance.




Produced by: Northrop
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