Over the past few months I have learned a lot about the creation of web pages. Although I had compiled this large amount of knowledge, I was still quite hesitant to begin work on my web page. I had no previous experience in creating a web page, so I was slightly overwhelmed by this task and felt that it would be too difficult for me to manage successfully. All of the webpage’s that I had seen from the students in the previous semester, seemed to be more in- depth than I would be able to handle. I was actually very wrong.

I learned that Macromedia Dreamweaver is a very user friendly program that made this project easy and entertaining. The project exceed my expectations and taught me a great deal about what actually goes into the development of a webpage. I leaned that there is much more involved in developing a website than I had imagined. I had to worry about the lay out, consistency, usability of the webpage, all things that I had not previously considered. It was surprising how quickly I became familiar with the tools in Dreamweaver, and how soon I was able to use them to do interesting things. I found myself learning new techniques as I went, and I enjoyed the process all the while. I feel that this was a good project because it was an affective way for me to combine all of the skills that I had learned so far, in one cohesive product.

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