-> Stomp clap, stomp clap; stomp stomp clap clap; Stomp clap(repeat)

-> Go Go G-O, Go (team mascot) Go

-> Hey, Hey (team mascot)fans, Yell it out and rock the stands, (school initianl) xx beat those (team playing)

-> A-t-t-a-c-k (team mascot) are back, a-t-t-a-c-k and ready to attack

-> F-I-G-H-T Fight (team mascho)Fight

-> Step back, get out of our way, we are the (team mascot), we'll blow you away

-> Hey, hey you, you've got to attack when you rock with the (team color1) and roll with the (team color2).

-> (team color1) and (team color2) is on the move, so step aside we're pushing through, (school initial) is back on top, (team playing)xxx We're Hot!



Hey, hey it's time to fight,
Everybody yell (color1) & (color2).
Hey, Hey let's do it again,
Everybody yell go fight win!

We're back and ready to win
The time is now, so let's begin
Yell (color1)- (COLOR1)!
Yell (color2)- (COLOR2)!
(color1) and (color2) unite!

We're mov'in IN we're mov'in OUT
We are the team let's hear you shout
Catch the spirirt that we create
Cause tonight's the night we dominate!
Say it loud, say it proud (school initials)
One more, (school initials)!

CHEER everybody!
Get up - out of your seat! Listen, to what we say,
And then, you repeat!
YELL - Let's go (mascot)! (Let's go (mascot)!)
YELL - (initials)! (INITIALS)
(REPEAT from let's go (mascot) through 3 times!)

1,2,3,4, Come on, Come on, Yell Go (mascot) Go, Go (mascot) Go
1,2,3,4,Come On, Come On Yell Beat Those (other team), Beat Those (other team)
Come On Come On Yell Go (mascot) Go, Beat Those (other team)!!!

(mascot) Fans Its Time to Shout
Come on Everybody
And Help Us Out
Yell (color1) and (color2)
((color1) and (color2)!)
Let's Win Tonight!

All of this information used from:www.mspineapple.com

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