Safety Tips:

1. ALWAYS have an advisor, coach or adult watching at all times.
2. If anyone feels uncomfortable or unsure about a stunt, don't do it.
3. Always be serious about what you are doing. If someone can't stop laughing, take a break.
4. Spotters and bases- never take your eyes off the flyer, they are trusting you.
5. Flyers- be sure that you have complete trust in your bases and spotters.
6. Be sure you're on a good surface such as cheerleading mats.


Flyer - the top person, climber, mounter
Base - the bottom person, primary & secondary, they hold the stunt up
Back Spotter - the back base, third man, third base, they are the support for the flyer, they keep them steady
Front Spotter - the fronter, front base, fourth base, alternate base

All of this information used from:www.mspineapple.com


This is a picture of an Elevator. It is the basic stunt, and there first one that you learn.

This is a picture of an Extension. It is what you learn next, it is just like the levator except the bases just lift their arms all the way up and lock them. (just like the arm motion: a touchdown)


The first picture is a Stretch or Heal Stretch. This is the andvanced verisoin of it with just one base. Usually you would have one base that holds it and a secondary that supports them, then you have your backspotter. It it like and exrtansion but with just one leg. The second it aslmost the same except in streching your leg out you will hold it to your side. This is called a Liberty.


This is a Basket Toss. It is when there is two side bases, a back base and may use at least one front base. They toss the flyer from their hands. Once airborne, the flyer may hit any number of tricks, including a toe touch or a tuck before returning to the cradle.


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