A pure tuner has all of their bases covered. Not only have they tuned the perfomance of their ride, but it has the look and attitude to back it all up. Characteristics of pure tuners include a sense of fit and finish, perfectly matched body kits and vinyls, and often sponsor logos. A well finished tuner is easy to pick out of a crowd. These cars are basically street legal race cars and if they are the real deal, they are very fast.


Ricer was a term used for Japanese import tuners in the begining. The joke was that the cars were so small and weak that they ran off rice. Ricer has evolved into a term for a poorly done tuner car. Ricers care more about how their car looks then it performs and are willing to do anything to improve the style of their car. Characteristics of a ricer are huge ugly spoilers, bad paint jobs, mismatched/unpainted body kits, lame vinyls, bad exhaust tips, and the occasional use of duct tape to hold the car together. These cars often have loud exhausts because of the beehive mufflers they use and are no faster, if not slower, then the car would be stock. Oh, and yes, you will be laughed at.


A sleeper tuner is the hardest car to pick out of a crowd. A sleeper does the exact opposite of a ricer, concentrating on performance instead looks. A lot of the time these cars will apear completely stock, with few exceptions. The only visual option sleepers pursue are rims (for the performance tires), and tinted windows. You won't relize how fast these cars are until they sneak up and blow you away.


JDM tuners are like pure tuners but not as extravagant. A JDM tuner is obsessed with performance, like the sleeper, but does do a little body work, like the tuner. These cars are growing in popularity. They are often characterized by reasonably sized rims, yellow fog lights, and carbon fiber hoods. These cars maintain a clean look by being simple with no body kits or vinyls. Occasionaly they will have sponsor logos but that's about it. You have to look twice to know it's JDM.