Modern tuner style was first made popular in the early to mid ninteys. Inspired and driven primarily by The Fast and The Furious movies, tuner style consists of wild body kits, neon underglow lighting kits, large rims with low profile tires, and aluminum or fiberglass spoilers. The use of carbon fiber and synthetic materials have also been used in tuner cars. Popular performance modifications include turbochargers and of course nitrous oxide (NOS).


Show cars are the best of the best in the tuner world. They are the most extravagant and the most unique. However, they are rarely driven on the street. A show car has one primary goal, win lots of trophies. show cars usually contain drastic body modifications, killer sound/video systems, and the coolest custom paint jobs. Popular performance modifications for the show car are hydraulic/air ride systems.


Euro style was very popular popular for a little while. It has been fading in favor of tuner style, but will still continue for those that want to pursue it. Euro style is for those who want to transform their Japanese import into a european import. This means making it look more like a British, German, or Italian sportscar. Popular modifications include euro style body kits, re-badging, chrome backed tailights, foglights, and projector headlights which are smoked or tinted.


JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, or cars that are usually sold in Japan. This is a minimalist style that is concentrated more on performance than body style. The key modification on a JDM style car is yellow foglights. They have been in the style since it was invented. Other body modifications include performance wheels and tires (not too big), small spoilers, and, if you have the money, an carbon fiber hood. Most on the budget on a JDM car is concentrated on performance parts, such as turbos, suspension kits, braking kits, performance clutches, and other engine tuning parts.