Modification is the name of the game. You need to have different parts to seperate your car from the rest. There are many popular mods for any given tuner car. Below is a short list of some of the most popular.


Forced induction is a fancy term for forcing air into your engine through mechanical means. The normal way to do this is through the use of a turbocharger or a supercharger. A turbo hooks into your exhaust and uses a fan turned by moving exhaust to turn a fan that in turn moves air. A supercharger is a compressor that is turned by your car's moving belts. The motion of the copressor forces air into the engine's intake. More air+more fuel=more horsepower, so a turbo or supercharger is always a goood option. Below is a flash presentation of how a turbo works.


Body kits come in a variety of styles shapes and materials. Almost every panel on a car is replaceable with a more attractive or unique part. Full body kits will usually replace your front and back bumper, and your side skirts. You can also change fenders, hoods, and spoilers.


Nitrous Oxide, or NOS as its commonly reffered to, is an oxidizer. An oxidizer increases the power of your combustion when ingnited. NOS is sprayed in your air intake or intake manifold. It then mixes with the air and is pulled into the cylinder where it explodes. NOS is extremely dangerous unless you have a properly built engine.


How you light up your ride can catch you mre attention. Putting a neon undercar kit on gives your car a cool glowing effect. This has become very popular in tuner culture. Other lighting mods include foglights, headlights, and tail lights. Changing your lights is easy and can quickly change the style of your car.


A killer sound system is always an important part of a tuner. It usually comes down to one thing...the loudest car wins. Popular additions to sound systems are new decks, 3 or 4 way speakers, and very big subwoofers.