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By completing this project I learned a great deal about Web Sites in general. Before this project, I couldn’t even recognize the name Dream Weaver and I did not know how to write HTML. By working through all of the issues that I had I was able to become a better programming student. These issues I came across were mostly minuscule issues, but greatly impact the web site. By searching through the codes, I learned what the specific codes were used for. At first I thought this project would be very simple, but I soon found out that it was much more in depth than expected. By creating this web site, I will be able to make more of my own web sites to show friends and family. Creating these sites are a great deal of fun, and I feel that I will pursue further into programming computers. This is my favorite project that we have done in computer class, because it was an individual task and took a great deal of time and effort. All-in-all I believe I have become a better student because of this project because I have learned a great deal of responsibility because there was a specific deadline I had to meet.