Bob Bryar
Age: 28
Born: December 31,1979 in Chicago, Illinois
Status: Unknown
Role in Band: Drums

Bob Bryar was born December 31, 1979 in Chicago Illinois. He is the only member of My Chemical Romance that is not from New Jersey. Growing up Bob played drums in a jazz band. After college he became a sound tech for [The Used]. Bob loved what he did, because he never had to be on film or get pictures taken of himself. While My Chemical Romance and The Used where on tour together (2004) Bob became friendly with all the guys from MCR.When My Chemical Romance was having trouble with their, then drummer, Matt, they had asked Bob to fill in for him. Bob couldn't resist and took the chance that they gave him, leaving the behind the scenes to play onstage. In the middle of the tour My Chemical Romance had officially asked Bob to be the permanent drummer, and he accepted. Bob doesn't like to be on film and always avoids cameras. If you try and take a video of him he will either, push it away, run away or curse at you.

Unfortunately, Bob is always getting hurt. He was once pushed out of a bus, as well as receiving a busted nose from a bar fight with security guy. Bob has also had brain damage. During the video shoot for "Famous Last Words" in 2006, he severely burned his leg. As a result of this he later developed Staph Infection and, was rushed to the hospital. If Bob had waited to receive treatment, his condition would likely have been fatal. Due to the Staph Infection, he has unusual stiffness on the left part of his face. Frank has also fallen on him time to time during shows, and one time almost cut open Bob's head with his guitar.