Frank Iero
Name: Frank Anthony Iero (eye-year-oh)

Age: 25
Born: October 31,1981. In Belleville, New Jersey
Status: Engaged [Jamia Nestor]
Role in band : Rhythm Guitar
Height: 5'6"

Frank was born on October 31, in Belleville, New Jersey. His mom, Linda, divorced is father, who was his role model growing up. Both his father and his grandfather where Musicians. Growing up he had allot of illnesses's that still affect him today. He has had many ear infections, mono and also has Epstein-Barr. When Frank was little he loved to play the guitar and at age 11 he started to have people come over and just jam out with him in his basement. The first band he officially was in was named [Pencey Prep]. Franks cousin was a manager at a club so he got Frank's band and his friends bands gigs at the club. Frank struggled through high school, getting bullied everyday but made it into college. When Pencey Prep got signed to Eyeball Records he started to go to many of the Eyeball parties. At one of these parties he meet Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Matt Pellissier [My Chemical Romance]. He got My Chemical Romance their first couple of gigs and watched them practice when his band wasn't. When Frank was in his second year of college he dropped out and joined My Chemical Romance touring.

Frank Is the shortest, youngest, and the only vegetarian of My Chemical Romance. But he also has the most tattoos and piercing's. He used to have his, eyebrow, nose, lip and he had 1inch gages in his ear. Frank also has over 20 tattoos, which are placed all over his body. He has some on his back, stomach, legs, neck, arms, fingers and he even has the initials "NJ" ont the inside of his lip.Mr.Iero also owns a clothing line, record label and publishing company called Skeleton Crew.