Gerard Way
Name: Gerard Arthur Way
Age: 30
Born: April 9, 1977 in Newark, New Jersey
Status: Engaged [Eliza Cuts]
Role in Band: Singer

Height: about 5'9"


Gerard was born on April 9, 1977 in Newark, New Jersey.He grew up with his Mom, brother [ Mikey Way] and also his grandmother. Elena Lee Rush, Gerard's grandmother, was one of his greatest influences ever. She taught him how to sing, draw and perform. Gerard first started to sing in fourth grade when he had to play Peter Pan in a play. Growing up he was hardly allowed outside because of the dangerous town they lived in, so instead he sat in his room and read comic books. He made up imaginary worlds in his head, which led to his love for artwork. After he graduated high school he moved to New York to attend School of Visual Arts. In 1999 Gerard Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 2001 while working in the comic industry, Gerard witnessed the September 11 attacks. That terrible sight changed Gerard dramatically. He then decided to give up art, and get out and explore the world. Other than art he had a passion for music, and loved the idea of being in a band. A year later he had had his own little garage band consisting of Matt Pelisse, Ray Toro, and his brother Mikey. The band was called My Chemical Romance.Gerard w rites his songs from looking at newspaper, comic books, watching movies, and past experiences. During the tour for the second CD, Gerard became highly addicted to drugs, became and alcoholic and was also very depressed. In 2004 he sobered up, got off drugs [but still continued to smoke cigarettes] and started writing for the new album.

Gerard has had some major injuries, during a video shoot he tore all the ligaments in his foot, which is worse then a break. And he also just recently broke a rib.