*Snow Gear*

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It is extrememly important to have appropriate snow gear on before heading out into the cold. It is important to make sure to dress in layers and cover every part of your body, including face and hands. Mittens and gloves are important, and even a few pairs of socks followed by snowboots so frost bite is avoidable. Long pants with snowpants over them would be a good idea as well. Snow pants are water proof so you wont have to worry about your pants getting wet, and a pair of sweats underneath is a good idea just for warmth. A long sleeved shirt with a hoodie over it followed by a warm jacket with a hood is a good decision. If there is no hood, a hat or ear muffs is a good replacement. Scarf and goggles would be smart, but are not completely necessary. These are just some good tips on being smart in the cold weather.