In completing this web page, I have compiled all of the essential basics of web page creation into a single site. Though these are mainly the basics, this site does provide a professional view of a topic. In this site I have incorporate external links, tables, bottom global navigation bars and local navigation bars. Before beginning my project, I assessed the target audience, the purpose and how I wanted the site to be displayed. Once this was completed, I was able to begin. This project really required me to understand the basics of Dreamweaver and I am proud to say that this has been an accomplishment. Overall, I have used the skills and techniques from chapters 3 and 4 in order to design and edit a professional web page.

Before creating the web page I was rather nervous that I would be unable to complete the assignment. After finishing, I am proud to have created this site and feel that it contains some entertaining content. I have also combined my prior skills Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 in order to design and edit graphics and text. I am happy with the final product and my new found ability to create websites using Dreamweaver.








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