Second Year


Mariner Hockey 2005-2006



Starting out the second year of the program everyone thought that is was a rebuliding year for the mariners. There were only two seniors to lead the team but the freshmen class was a very talented one. The year started out like every one thought with the Mariners loosing its first three games but they batteled back to finish the season 10-7 with 21 total points winning the division over middletown after a classic 3-2 win over middletown. In only its second year of exsistence Mariner Hockey was in the Division III playoffs with a sixth seed bid. They started the best of three series playoff round against Saint Ralphael Acadmey in Pawtauckett, but lost the game 6-3 but with hope because they were coming back to their home ice at URI. Game two was anouther classic with the Mariners scoring first and the game coming to an end. The mariners began to show their young legs in the 45 minute battle and ended up loosing 2-1 to St. Rays in a heartbreaker but they had already shocked everyone by getting there. Loosing only two seniors to graduation the mariners had high hopes for themselvs to go deep into the playoffs even if the rest of the town didnt belive a third year team could accomplish to much.