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Snowboarding involves strapping your two feet to one board, and descending down a mountain, possible going off jumps, halfpipes, and rails. But it's more than that. It's going down a mountain with the wind in your face and then flying off a jump and challenging gravity. The point is to have fun, and that's an easy thing to do when you're snowboarding.

Extreme snowboarding (photos) is another way people enjoy the sport. Just like extreme skiing, snowboarding involves going down steep cliffs, ravines, and even trees.

If you're just learning, or an expert, snowboarding can always be a challenge. Whether it's trying to master the toe-turn, or trying to nail a new trick, there's always something more to do. Even these guys need to practice from time to time. If you're just learning, some tips can give you a good idea on how to improve. In order to get better at snowboarding it is best to try new technique on the mountain. It is also not a bad idea to take a course or two with an instructor.