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For this project we were instructed to make a website on any topic we liked. I chose snowboarding because it's something I like to do. I figured making a website for it would be less of a pain than most subjects. I spent a good deal of time working on implementing javascripts. Although many of the scripts didn't end up in the website, they still helped my overall knowledge of java scripts. A basic knowledge of C++ helped me understand how java scripts work so I was able to slightly modify some.

The Webpage itself didn't turn out as expected. It is a bit small but it gets the job done. Snowboarding ended up being a hard topic to choose. There is not a whole lot that can go on a snowboarding website, unless it is for a mountain, company, photographer, or some other related profession.

I found that Dreamweaver tends to be a difficult program to work with. Although it is easier than simple HTML coding, it still doesn't like to cooperate sometimes. Tasks that seem fairly simple may take up to 15 minutes to actually implement. Even though it only takes 15 minutes most of the work is with Photoshop. Dreamweaver seems to make assembling a website pretty easy, but not creating a website. The content is hard to create but the linking and paragraphing of text is pretty simple. Inserting images can be a real pain as well. Overall I am pleased with my final product.