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Tips for Beginners


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Having problems snowboarding but don't quite know what to do? Here are some helpful tips that may help keep the snow out of your boots.

  • Make sure the board is the right size. If the board is not the right size then there will be some control issues. If the width is too small then your toes may dig into the snow when you take a toe turn. Your boots and binding should also be the right size.If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or eating powder, you may want to have your equipment checked out.


  • Heel turning is naturally easier to many people than toe turns. Being safe on the mountain is the most important part of snowboarding. Make sure you can at least turn one direction if needed. This not only will stop you from flying into the woods, the people areound you will also be thankful.


  • Stopping ranks right up there with turning. You should be able to stop instantly if needed. This can be done by digging your board into the mountain extremely hard while having your board parallel to the base of the mountain. It is easier if your body is facing towards the base opposed to the summit. If you really need to stop try falling in a controlled fashion, it's better that you know you're falling then ramming into a 5 year old.


  • Getting off chair lifts can be an embarassing moment for many new riders. If you find yourself having trouble try to hold onto the chair for as long as possible before it loops around, this will give you more time to keep your balance and place your foot on the stomp pad. Keeping your weight equally distributed will help keep you on your feet.


  • Toe turning is a major problem for many new riders. By using your rear foot ( your right if you're regular and left if you're goofy) you can turn easier. Try pushing the rear foot behind you quickly while attempting the turn. This will let you take the turn quicker and shortern the time when you have very little control.