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Extreme Snoboarding mainly involves snowboarding in areas that weren't meant to be snowboarded. This could mean going off of cliffs, rocks, or even trees. The slopes are usually steeper than 45 degrees. There are constant threats of avalanches, and the already deep snow make snowboarding a task. Extreme snowboarders need to be in excellent physical and mental shape. They must be able to handle the physically demanding work, and be able to recognize,avoid, and deal with danger.


The Alps have some of the best mountains fit for extreme snowboarding. Otherwise the Rockies are a good option for those inside of the United States. The large scale and ungroomed nature of these mountain ranges lend themselves to snowboarding. It is strongly recomended that those who wish to learn extreme snowboarding do not attempt to learn on any mountain at all. Many ski resorts are not intended for extreme snowboarding and only experts should consider it.