Richard Wright


Richard William Wright was born in London on 28 July 1945. As a child he had two sisters named Selina and Guinvere. He went to the exclusive Harberdashers' school untill he was 17 years old and then he went to the Regent Street School of Architecture and there he met Roger Waters, the bassist, and Nick Mason, the drummer. They then started a band in college and 6 months later, finally joined together by lead guitarist Syd Barrett.

When it came time to record the wall in '79 Waters was sort of the "boss" of the band. And told everyoine that he, Roger Waters, wouldn't release the album untill Wright left the band. And for the next 2 years, Wright spent his time as an employee playing The Wall in different countries such as America, Britain, and Germany. None of the news went public untill until Wright's name was found missing from "The Final Cut" album. in a few mounths the band crumbled and Wright left to form a shortlived partnership, called Zee who released "Identity" in '84 with Dave Harris. Wright finally rejoined the band in '87, after David and Nick brought the band back together during the recording or "A Momentary Lapse Or Reason. But he was too late to help with the songs. Except he got to play on the world tour that redifined the band's current status.



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