Syd Barrett

Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett was born in Cambridge, England on January 6, 1946. He went to Cambridge High School for Boys where he was two years below Roger Waters. He led a normal middle class English family life; untill his father died when he was 12 years old, then soon after he started at secondary school. His first musical instrument, at a very young, tender age, was a ukelele. Then, when he was eleven years old, his parents bought him a banjo. but just a year later he tried and tried to talk his parents into getting him a guitar. he learned from those tutor books and friends tht knew a little about gutar. But other wise he was teaching himself. At fifteen, he took a big step forward and becoming a proud possessor of an electric guitar, with a small amplifier that he made himself. Syd then joined his first group, Geoff Mott and the Mottoes, playing at parties in his home town of Cambridge.

But as a sixteen year-old he didn't have a regular group and played bass for The Hollering Blues as well. Soon, he joind forces with Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright to form The Pink Floyd. As a group he shared is knowledge with band member David Gilmour and Dave shared his knowledge with Syd. Later, after Tech school, Syd moved to London to get involved with paintings at Camberwell Art School in Peckham. He kept moving between Cambridge and London and later decided to share a flat with Roger in Highgate. As the years past he got into drugs and eventually was kicked out of the band; then replaced by David Gilmour.

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