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This project has truely taught me many things. I am extreamily impressed with myself that I accomplished something so extream! I never thought that I would know how to make my own web site. I learned how to produce my own web site, and design it in any way I want. In order to do this i needed to understand the basics of Dreamweaver, which i did. In order to do this project it took work from the past 2nd semester to understand all of dream weaver and how to put something together on my own with out following step by step intructions. This project has not only taught me how to produce a web site, but how to be a better person in general. I accomplished something i didnt think i would be able to do, and i did it on my own. When we were first intoduced to this project i thought to myself, "Jess, theres no way you will get this thing done on time, and even if you do, it wont be quality work." As you can see i did get this in on time and it is quality work; thanks to my dedication and hard work.