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The movie RENT was released on November 23, 2005, it won one award and was nominated for 13 others. It is based on the Off Broadway, Tony award winning play and has most of the original cast members, such as Jesse L. Martin and Idina Menzel, and most of the original songs. The movie takes place in New York City, but was filmed in California. It follows seven friends, Mark, Roger, Mimi, Maureen, Angel, Tom Collins, and Joanne, living in New York's East Village, through one year of their lives. Mark (Anthony Rapp) is a kind of nerdy character trying to film a movie, Roger (Adam Pascal), Mark's roommate, is a musician who has been numb to life after his girlfriend died, Mimi (Rosario Dawson) lives in the same apartment building, struggles with AID's, and later becomes Roger's girlfriend, Maureen (Idina Menzel) used to live with Mark and Roger and date Mark until she met Joanne (Tracie Thoms), a public interest lawyer and Harvard graduate, Angel (Wilson Jermaine Heredia) is a drag queen struggling with AID's that lives near their apartment building and dates Tom Collins (Jesse L. Martin) who used to be a roommate to Mark and Roger. Benjamin Coffin III (Taye Diggs) is the their enemy and rent collector that used to be roommates and friends with Mark, Roger, Tom Collins, and Maureen. If you like musicals the movie is very interesting and good.


Director: Chris Columbus

Writer: Stephen Chbosky (Screenplay) and Jonathan Larson

Cast:Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, Rosario Dawson, Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Idina Menzel, Tracie Thoms, and Taye Diggs


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