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For this project I had to make a web site on a certain topic and targeted for a certain group of people. For my topic I choose RENT, the play and the movie, and the site was targeted for fans and people who want to know more about it. I made a page for my work cited, the movie, the play, the creator: Jonathan Larson, a homepage, pictures, and my reflection. All the pages match by having a dark red background with black and off-white text in the style Courier New and Times New Roman . The pages on the play, the movie, the creator: Jonathan Larson, the homepage, the reflection, and the work cited, are all linked by a global navigational bar, and there are external links to the RENT’s official movie web site, a site about Jonathan Larson, a site about Jonathan Larson and the play, and lastly a site to another website about RENT the movie. To make the web site more entertaining I added pictures and links, to other web sites and other pages on my own web site. To complete this project I made a Flash, that had to do with my website topic, and added it to my website's homepage. If I could change anything on my project I would figure out how to do a textured background, fill in more of the white space on the homepage, and make the word Rent blend in with the background on the home page. Over all I am proud of my project and had fun making it.