I learned a lot making my wicked awesome webpage. I learned that planning the webpage is key to completing all parts of it. Originally the webpage was much more in depth, and although it still meets all of the necessary requirements and beyond, it isn't nearly as wicked awesome as before. I had a lot of fun making this website. I like making webpages a lot and will continue to create webpages and other forms of media in college. I'm going to Rochester Institute of Technology for computer animation so I am sure that the skills that I learned in this class will aid me in college. Also, cookies are really awesome. The chocolate chip kind, not the boring computer kind. Dreamweaver is cool too. My dad makes webpages for a living, so that's cool. He uses flash mostly though. Check out his wicked awesome website. It's really cool! YEAH! I am incredibly enlightened from this wonderful project. So much so that when i was creating it, I found God. To be completely serious now, I honestly did enjoy making this project. Making the scrolling marquee was especially fun for me and a great learning experience. I found that working next to Chris LaPointe also helped me make a great website. He was a great learning tool, since he is such a genius with computers. This is why I look forward to going to a large school... because there will always be people around that can help me with my project. All in all, this was a great experience, and although this isn't my first website (or second, or third) it is certaintly almost the best.