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I appreciate being given the opportunity to create my own internet web page in my web design course. I felt that by creating a consumer friendly web page, I was able to show effective skills of communication, which is a key standard stated in my high school mission statement. It is funny how performing common tasks could possibly include Pirates of the Caribbean, but Mr. Herz, my wonderful teacher of Web Design, has allowed me to do this because I have taken his course on Web Design and have performed to an distinguished level of proficientcy.

I believe this project will help me in my career while traveling the long road we all call life. Now that I know how to set up websites, I can set up my very own website, like if I become an Attorney or a Physical Therapist. I felt excited getting the chance to work on a topic that I love, and I believe if this project was tasked toweb design students again next year, I feel that they would be as excited as I was and able to strongly communicate with their viewers and consumers.