While completing this project, I learned a lot more about creating web sites than the book could ever teach me. I learned how to create web sites complete with pages, navigation bars, galleries, and videos. I also learned how to format my web pages and make them look more appealing to the viewer. I used many different color schemes and tried to keep the same format throughout the whole site.

Most of the things I did on the site, I created by trial-and-error. I got inspiration by looking at other sites and the formats that they used. One of the most tedious things to do was when I made the gallery, because I had to copy links over and save the pictures in my folder so they would be able to open up larger. The external links took up most of my time because I had to link them all back together with the parent site. However, I enjoyed making this site and learning how to do new things on the computer. Maybe I will be able to use these new found skills in the future.


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