Johnny trivia quiz

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1 - Johnny hasn't been engaged or married to which of
the following women

a. Jennifer Grey
b. Winona Rider
c. Lori Allison
d. Juliette Lewis

2 - Which of the following items doesn't he collect

a. miniature catbird seats
b. Houdini memorabilia
c. comic books
d. exotic bugs
e. clown pictures

3 - Johnny did not appear in a music video by one the following

a. R.E.M.
b. The Lemonheads
c. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
d. Shane MacGowan
e. Bryan Adams

4 - According to him, Johnny lost his virginity at what age

a. 15
b. 20
c. 14
d. 17
e. 13

5 - Which isn't one of his favorite pastimes

a. hanging out at clubs
b. playing guitar
c. racing cars
d. reading
e. going to amusement parks

6 - Who is his favorite author

a. J.D. Salinger
b. Edgar Allen Poe
c. Robert Lewis Stevenson
d. Jack Kerouac
e. James Michener

7 - He claims to have a fear of which one of the following

a. roaches
b. clowns
c. heights
d. elevators
e. snakes

8 - Which of the following friends has remained one since

a. Sal Jenko
b. Gibby Haynes
c. Nicholas Cage
d. Mickey Rourke
e. Chuck E. Weiss

9 - What is the name of Johnny's agent

a. Sally Hinds
b. Carl Mason
c. Tracey Jacobs
d. Tony Reginaldo
c. Robert Towers

10 - Which famous person once owned the house recently purchased
by Johnny

a. Vincent Price
b. Clark Gable
c. Fred Astair
d. Bela Lugosi
e. Ed Wood

11 - Who's first name was written on his helmet in "Platoon"

a. his wife, Lori
b. Sherilyn Fenn
c. Jenifer Grey
d. Winona Ryder
e. his mother, Betty Sue

12 - What's does Depp mean in German

a. friend
b. village idiot
c. hunky man
d. scrawny boy
e. bell ringer

13 - Which movie character portrayed by Johnny does he feel is
most like him

a. Ed Wood
b. Gilbert Grape
c. Cry-Baby Walker
d. Don Juan DeMarco
e. Edward Scissorhands

14 - An eight foot statue of which one of the following items appeared
in his driveway

a. a mermaid
b. a Harley
c. a bear
d. a cock
e. a guitar

15 - Who did Johnny beg to appear at Kate's 21st surprise birthday
to sing her favorite song

a. Tom Jones
b. Gloria Gaynor
c. Madonna
d. Johnny Cash
e. Barry Gibbs



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