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Creating a webpage was a task that I thought I would never do. I had always thought computers to be extremley difficult and confusing. Taking web design has shown me that computers aren't as complicated as I thought. I had a difficult time choosing a topic for my website, and after much thought, decided to do it on actor Johnny Depp. He has always been a favorite actor of mine, and I admire him very much. I think he is extremley talented, as well as attractive. First, I planned out who was going to be looking at my website, which is step one in creating a website. Depp fans like myself who are looking for information on this actor are going to be my target audience. After deciding my topic and my audience, I began to create. I set up the website so people can get the information they want in an easy fashion. There are links to biographical information, quotes, quizzes, filmography, interveiws, photos, and even quizzes. I created breadcrumb trails to increase the usability of my webpage. On the home page, I made top and bottom global navigation bars and also inserted a time stamp so my audience can see how often i update! Also, on some of the pages, I linked words with pictures. For example, on the "trivia" page, I linked Depp's wife "Vanessa Paradis" to a picture of her. This way people can see who certain people, movies, or things are making it easier to understand what the page is talking about. My favorite part about making this website was the photo gallery. I enjoyed finding what pictures I wanted to use, placing them in my web page, and then linking them to bigger copies. I think an interesting part of my website is the trivial quiz you can take on Johnny Depp. Putting this web page together took a lot of time and patience, but it wasn't as difficult as expected. I learned so much about web sites, how they are created, and the talent that goes into creating them. My web page is very basic, but others can sometimes be very flashy. Every time that I surf the web now, I admire different layouts and things like that. I have a new respect for the internet.