Cheng Men Cun ( 长门村 )

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These are picture of Chen Men Cun, which is a little village in Fu Zhou China. I was born there and live there for eight years. I went to the USA in 1996 when i was about eight and went back to visited Cheng Men in 1998, when i was about 10. Hopefully I will be able to visited again this year as of 2007.

This is like a stadium. They show movies in there and perform plays.Also, it a place for the Buddhism to practice there religion there. Now a day they don't use this for entertainment anymore because everyone has television and DVD.

This is a view of Cheng Men Cun, and this is the entire village.
These two little island has been there for a long time. They use to be united as one and the myth is that, long time ago an empire use his power sword to cut this into two pieces to escape from enemy. The two island is called the Twin Turtle Island because their shape look like turtle. This was use during to fight during World War II when the Japanese invaded China.
Cheng Men is on the coast, and this is a view of the ocean. This is a view of field that is use to grow rice. They are divide equally to the people that live there. The people make money from them.

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