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This project is fun even though I was behind on it. I learn that the pictures that I want to use on the web page have to be saved on the same file and folder. It was kind of hard in some ways, because I was trying to put Chinese on there. I have to use Google translation because the computer doesn’t have any Chinese, but Google translation doesn’t always come out right. Also another hard thing is getting the pictures the village I was born in. I think that is nice for the people to see the village because if anyone travels to China most of them would go to the big cities and not to rural areas. Working on this project makes me want to visit China even more, because of all the cool and awesome picture of the cities and the village. I notice it have change a lot. Dreamweaver is much better then using WordPad. We don’t have to use the code. Also it is cool that Dreamweaver shows it in different view while you are working on the web page, like the code view, design view, and split view.

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