This project has enlightened me, not in a spiritual sense, but in a metal sense. I now can do so much more in Dreamweaver than I thought I ever could. I owe it to Mr. Herz and Alex Kerber, they both taught me everything I know. Without them, my site would be very blan, not to say it is not now, but I feel if I had more time to work on this site I could have made it better. Again, not to say we did not receive enough time, but the face that I had messed up on my original page, so last night I started from scratch and made an entirely new page on an entirely new subject. I still feel as though my page is solid. If I were to change anything on it, I would have made it visually more, what’s the word…crazy. I can and could have made it graphically insane. Which I intend to do on my next site, which is a paying “gig” that Kerber and I will be working on. I have learned so little compared to all the wondrous things you can do with HTML sites. Overall, I believe I have made a solid site, which is visually appealing and flows the way a site should.

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April 26, 2007