This project has taught me a lot about making websites. It has taught me that one of the easiest things you can do to make it look professional is to make each page similar so the user becomes familiar with the setup. Another thing to do is to make it simple and not cluttered which makes the site look good. Being able to edit images to make them fit your site is also a very useful skill, as is knowing actual html. Niether is completely necessary but helps make a better wesbite. Planning out the website and knowing a lot about the subject is also very useful. Having experience in making websites helps with the planning also. If you’ve made a few websites before you would know what kind of navigation bar you would need, how many table cells you need. When you have a picture of you want it to look like, but don’t really know exactly how your going to do it, it makes it a lot more time consuming if you don’t have experience or good knowledge of making web pages. Making websites can be pretty easy but the more you know, the better your page can be. There is so many things you can learn and put into a webpage, the possibilities are almost endless.