Special thanks to Alex Kerber, for without his help I never would have passed this class. I had no clue what i was doing when this class started, and to be honest I am still partly clueless. I thought the Notepad stuff was harder only because of all the codes you had to memorize. Dreamweaver let you push buttons for stuff you wanted to do. Dreamweaver still can be confusing too. Along with all nthe buttons you can push comes a lot of other options that you can use that may make it a confusing experience for you. But like i said earlier, it does save you from code memorization. Had I stayed on task a bit more, this website might have been earlier than it was. I can't picture myself doing this stuff beyond this class either because it's too much work. I think that had we done flash before we made these sites that this site would be a tad bit more interesting and "eye pleasing". Uh, I guess I'm supposed to fit another 30 words into this reflection, but I really can't think of anything else to include.