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Bombers are useful assets in warfare. While bombers are not as maneuverable as fighter planes, they make up for it by having so much firepower. Most bombers have regular bombs, but as you can see to the right, some bombers also carry spread bombs. Spread bombs are bombs that contain many "mini-bombs" in them. These types of bombs can be useful for attacking a wide range of ground targets. Regular bombs are useful for destroying large targets because while there is only one bomb, it does a lot more damage than a spread bomb.

Bombers also come in a wide variety of planes. You can have planes that are purely bombers and are huge like the one shown above. You can also have planes that are suited for being a bomber but also look like a normal fighter plane. There are also planes that are big like the one shown above, and they are also stealth bombers.

One example of a stealth bomber is the B-2 spirit stealth bomber shown to the left. This is one of the most advanced bombers that the United States has. This stealth bomber is a big bomber plane but can also be somewhat maneuverable.

Stealth bombers can be very useful in a war because they can easily slip pass enemy radar to bomb enemy bases. Other bombers are useful as well even though they do not have stealth capabilities. An example of a regular bomber was the B-17G "Flying Fortress" shown to the left. This bomber held twice as much weight as the earlier models. The cost of this however is going slower and making it easy to shoot down. The B-17G was the most commonly used bomber during World War II (Wikipedia “B-17 Flying Fortress” 9).

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